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A Few SEO Tips For Dummies

Do you feel like you are a complete dummy when it comes to search engine optimization? Well do not feel bad, most of us who have entered the internet business world have felt the same for the longest time. As a matter of fact, many business owners shy away from doing their SEO because it can be overwhelming. Maybe it is the word optimization that scares people, or it is the fact that they have never done this before. Like I said every webmaster has been there before, and so, I will do what I can so that you can easily understand SEO, and give you some tips to keep in mind when implementing it.

Simply put, SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making a website and its content attractive to search engines and, therefore, gaining higher rankings on the search results. With high rankings, a website will have an increased number of visitors or traffic which means better business and more sales. I have looked at many websites, and while they may look pretty, the website owners are losing thousands of visitors due to a few simple things that they haven’t completed.

The real goal of SEO implementation is to rank on the first page of any search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So how are you able to achieve that? That said, here are a few SEO techniques for dummies.

Relevant Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important aspects when it comes to search engine optimization. This is because they play a key role in helping people find you as well as giving you a higher ranking. Well, the search engines are constantly changing, and they have become more user-friendly. When you rank high, your keywords need to be relevant and at the same time be in a way someone would type in the search box. By relevant, I mean that they should relate to what your business is offering. If you are struggling to find relevant keywords for your niche, you can take advantage of AdWords, which is a free keyword tool that shows how many searches a specific keyword is getting.

Quality content

For your website to be ranked high, you will need to post high-quality content. By high quality, I mean relevant, useful and informative information that can help your visitors or prospects. The longer, the better. In the content you are posting, you also need to help the search engine rank you page, and this can be done by inserting keywords two to three times in your post. Be careful not to stuff the keyword as this will have you on the bad side of the search engines. Ideally, make sure that the keyword is in the content naturally and has a good flow. Do not forget to put the keyword in the title of your post as well.


A backlink is simply a link from another website to your specific post or article. Backlinks can be very helpful in bringing in traffic, but you want to make sure you use high-quality backlinks as they carry more weight.

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