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Latest SEO Techniques For 2023

As the evolution of search engines continues, webmasters and marketers alike need to improve their skills to keep up. SEO still holds then lion’s share of links that search users click on at 70%. Also, inbound leads from SEO cost significantly less than outbound leads from cold calling. SEO also provides a better ROI since its leads have a higher close rate than other marketing methods.

The following are some of the SEO strategies marketers need to know in 2023.

Creating Quality Content That Earns Links

Even with all the changes in the search engine algorithms, inbound SEO links still have the greatest influence on search engines. This will most likely continue being the case. The best way to earn links is by creating quality and engaging content that people feel compelled to share.

Co-Citation Links

Each time a search engine finds your site next to your competitors, it informs it that your business is in a related niche. To get the co-citation links, conduct a search for ‘top 10’ or ‘best’ items in your niche. If you conduct such a search and find that your business is not on the list, then contact the publisher and request that your business is included on the list. Be ready to provide justification for why your business needs to be included.

Broken Link-Building Method

First, find any broken links on a website relevant to your niche. Next, contact the webmaster of that site and request that your website is an alternative to the broken link. Obviously, the only way for your content to replace the lost content is if it is good enough.

Editorial Links

These can be especially powerful considering that they come from other publications within your niche that mention your business. Editorial links can also come from guest posts that you write and that are published on third-party websites. The easiest way to get these links is also creating quality engaging content that readers are willing to share. Interviews are yet another great way to get these links.

Optimizing For Bing, Yahoo, and Others

Other search engines are slowly chipping away at Google’s dominance in search. Yahoo is currently the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox. Safari’s deal with Google was supposed to end in 2023 and Bing and Yahoo are trying to replace Google as the default search engine for the browser. As other websites become the default search engine, it makes sense to optimize for these search engines as well.


This is the age of the smartphone, and, therefore, it is important to focus on mobile SEO. 2023 is the year that mobile search will surpass desktop search. What this means is that if your website is not mobile optimized you are in big trouble. In fact, Google has started to penalize those websites that are not mobile optimized. Therefore, optimize your website for mobile and enjoy better ranking.

In conclusion, this article has been a detailed look at the latest SEO strategies for 2023. If you have not yet implemented some or all of these strategies, then do so since they are the strategies of the future.

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