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Why Mobile Billboard Advertising Is Here To Stay

Mobile billboard advertising is quickly becoming a dominant form of advertising for businesses across the globe. These combine the benefits of large billboard advertisements with the mobility of vehicles, which allows the message to spread across a great distance instead of constantly advertising in one static location. Companies usually hire mobile ad trucks or billboard trucks to get the job done.

There are several different types of mobile billboard signs, and they change depending on the truck and chassis transporting them. There is the tri-faced billboard and scrolling billboard truck. Both of these models are capable of displaying multiple advertisements from one or more companies.

There is also the more commonly used static truck, which features two separate panels and is usually used for a single company. The signs themselves can be easily replaced, modified, or recycled at a later time, which makes it cheaper for everyone involved in the process.

Despite their popularity, mobile billboard advertisements are a fairly recent discovery (at least on such a large, professional scale). Some of the earliest billboard trucks were designed in the early 1980’s. They were mainly used to advertise through large cities like New York, where the amount of available, static billboard space was decreasing and becoming much more expensive.

More Effective Than Newspaper?

There’s a growing debate whether mobile billboards are a more effective form of advertising than newspapers, and it’s clear that newspapers are losing that battle. Newspapers are a great way to advertise in their right, but fewer and fewer people are using newspapers and more people are turning to the internet for their news.

There was a time when the majority of the population was either subscribed to a weekly newspaper, or they went to the store to get their news. Today, most people simply log onto the internet and get their news for free. The internet is a great place to advertise, but it’s very packed.

Another advantage the mobile billboard has over the newspaper is that it’s much harder to ignore. If you’re driving down the street and there is a mobile billboard on the road in front of you, then you can’t help but see it and read the message. A newspaper might be ignored, but it’s nearly impossible to ignore another vehicle on the road.

What About Television Or Radio?

The same note as above applies to radio and television as well. Both of these forms of media can be turned off, muted, or the channel can be changed once advertisements start. Millions of people might watch a show, but millions of people also change the channel once the commercials come on and flip back when the show return. People don’t like commercials.

Television providers are catching on to this and either removing commercials completely or giving customers the option to skip them entirely. Mobile billboards, on the other hand, cannot be skipped, overlooked, or ignored.

One Of The Best!

There’s no denying that mobile billboard advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertisement there is today. Create a catchy message and image and people will see it, whether they want to or not.

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